Abstract :

The purpose of the research project is for the students to learn how to formulate a simple natural language problem/task/application and to experience how to solve it using methods, algorithms and techniques taught in class. The students will conduct experimental evaluation on an interesting dataset and will analyze the obtained results. Students are encouraged to identify new problems/tasks/applications, however we will also provide them with a sample of topics. Building a demo is optional, but will count as bonus points. We strongly encourage the students to work in g.

Project Proposal:

The proposal should try to answer the following questions: • What is the problem you are solving? • Why is it interesting and who would use it when solved? • What data will you use? • How will you collect and annotate the data? • What work do you plan to do in the project? • Which algorithms/techniques/models do you plan to use/develop? Be as specific as you can! • How will you test your idea? • How will you measure success? • What do you expect to submit/accomplish by the end of the semester? Mid-term Report By the time of the mid-term report you should complete at least 30% of your project work. The mid-term report is a draft of your final report, but without all experimental results and analysis.

You should submit: • Introduction to the problem you are working on, why is it important and what makes it challenging to solve • Review of relevant literature • Description of data collection process • Description of data annotation and Kappa agreement scores • Description of interesting phenomena/statistics in the collected and annotated data • Description of features used/or planning to be used • Algorithm description • Description of challenges you have encountered • Indicate the parts of the project that have been completed • Indicate the parts which have not been completed and how do you plan to accomplish them for the final project report

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