Since 2014

IMACX is an Open Innovation Platform focused on creating a sustainable Innovation & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that works at the intersection of Technology & Society.

We believe

  • Our role is to create “Responsible Citizens of the Future” – develop the right mindset for young innovators / students to engage with the world.
  • “Technology” can positively impact our local communities & governance – reimagine ways in which social / government organizations can function effectively using technology

We focus on

  • Nurturing Social Innovators & Aspiring Entrepreneurs and helping them to be Successful
  • Creating Innovative, Socially-Relevant & Impactful Solutions & Ventures

IIITB Incubating Social Innovation

We collaborate with exceptional researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, users, communities to co-create knowledge and socially-relevant solutions using digital technologies, for a wide range of social needs. Our portfolio of solutions and startups help us, our communities and our governments.


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