VideoKen is a collaborative video based social learning platform, that helps align employee skills with business needs by providing easy and effective access to publicly available learning content. VideoKen’s powerful indexing, curation and self-learning capabilities makes learning intuitive, engaging and fun!


Enhanced Video Search, automatically generated Table of Contents and Phrase Clouds, ability to take notes and insert bookmarks inside videos, clip, curate and share videos, create course sessions, courses and curriculums complete with quizzes and assignments and support for gamified social learning and analytics


In a short span of 6 months, VideoKen’s technology is extensively used by large corporates in scenarios ranging from new hire training and specialized training for experienced architects, to corporate-wide deployment of the platform to support self-learning and peer-to-peer learning for all employees.


VideoKen’s unique video indexing technology is built on a foundation of cutting edge research – involving big data analytics, machine learning and AI – that has been presented at top international conferences and covered by multiple granted and pending US patents.


Directors: Manish Gupta, Ashish Vikram

Designers: Tejas Bhatt

Advisors: Ravi Garikipati, Surojit Chatterjee, Hari Vashdev, Ajay Lavakare

Producers: Videoken

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