Satisfying the daily morning needs of customers through a simple ordering system and a reliable doorstep-delivery service, powered by technology. Creating a technology-enabled marketplace for our partners to streamline and professionalize their distribution network, without disrupting the current ecosystem.


Morning Cart’s streamlined fulfillment platform allows seamless order placement, booking and delivery. Leverages existing relationships between customers and partners, ensures customer stickiness through wallet balances. Due to its unique technical business model, the company can be regarded as being in the consumer retail segment (supply of household needs at the doorstep), last mile delivery logistics (due to tie-ups with newspaper/daily milk vendors, social sector (increasing earnings of these vendors and enabling them with technology and helping them with the technical analytics platform to become mobile supermarkets as an additional income stream). It thus caters to several sectors simultaneously, all positively and profitably.


Enabling small vendors (Milk & Newspaper) to improve & expand services to their customers and maximize revenues by supplying a wider range of products. Small milk & newspaper distributors are generally from low-income groups, running unorganized businesses using manual methods.They provide employment to thousands of unskilled, urban youth.We help these partners scale up their current businesses and secure additional sources of income, helping to organize the entire space. Analytics and process improvements through technology give partners complete control of their business.


At a time when on-demand grocery start-ups are under severe scrutiny for positive unit economics and long term sustainability, subscription based micro delivery service start-up Morning Cart is still growing with profitability. Morning Cart has an unique business model and maintaining constant stickiness whereby every order, each morning; irrespective of value, its gross margin positive. It has currently got about 18K users ordering through its app (both android/ Ios) & Web.The company is incubated at IIIT-B.


Directors: Anuj Bishnoi

Designers: Satish

Business Advisor: Mr. DV Jagadish, CEO – Outreach, IIITB

Strategy Advisor: Mr. Arun Subramaniam – Director The Sustainability Platform

Product Advisor: Ms. Vidya Sridharan – Formerly Director & Head Architect – CTO Unilever

Finance Advisor: Mr. Vijay Krishnamurthy – Executive Director & Lead CFO Partner At My CFO India

Producers: Morning Cart