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Challenge Hacks

Rules & Key Dates:

  • Innovators in teams (of maximum 3 members) work on their solution to any one of the above 3 challenges between 4th – 15th Feb.
  • The Innovators are required to submit their solution (presentation, proof-of-concept, etc.) by email before 16th Feb 5pm to
  • Short-listed Innovators will be informed by 17th evening
  • Short-listed Innovators present their solution on the 18th Feb, 3:00 – 4:00pm

The solution would be judged by a panel of domain leaders and the top 3 solutions would be recognized at the event

Resilience: How might we use technology in “response to a crisis / disaster / outbreak”?

Some Hints: 

Safety & Justice: How might we use technology in “the prevention of human trafficking / child labour”?

Some Hints: 

  • Justice & Care
  • Thorn Foundation
  • UN on Human Trafficking
  • Understand usage of technologies in South Asia with respect to Trafficking
  • Create Awareness & Popularize the Child / Women helpline numbers like 1098 / 1091
  • Online tools that help recognize wrong portraying of children / minor in social media ads

Health: How might we use technology in “enabling universal health care”?

Some Hints: 

Startup Challenges: How might we use technology in “addressing the startup challenges listed below”?

Vision Empower Trust

  • Accessible Lab Data Collection Device
  • Startup Profile: VisionEmpower,, a not for profit enterprise which aims to make Science and Math accessible for blind school children
  • Problem Background: Blind children in Indian schools are largely excluded from pursuing Science and Math studies in higher classes due to the inaccessible material and equipment, besides a lack of teaching expertise.
  • Challenge: An accessible data collection device/app similar to Vernier’s Talking Lab Quest that can be used with a range of Sensors & Probes.


  • Build a platform to understand vertical specific intent with limited information
  • Startup Profile: Cubestack,, is an AI platform that eventually assists businesses in new age challenges. Towards this we have built Fibotalk, a Chat platform for businesses to help communicate seamlessly with customers across platforms.
  • Problem Background: To gather the vertical specific intent is a challenge as the data builds slowly. This is a big challenge in terms of building AI solutions in communication space as in the space of chatbots the main issue that comes is that of data.
  • Challenge: To best guess the intent of the incoming message for a very specific business vertical, based on a set of inputs like FAQ. To assist in this, we will provide an example set of Questions and Answers.


  • Revolutionize Agri Supply chain using Blockchain
  • Startup Profile: IoTracX,, is an Internet of things, Machine learning & Blockchain company designing Next Generation Solutions for the Connected World. Our application areas are Smart City (Waste management & Parking), Smart Agro (MIS for Soil & Water testing)
  • Problem Background: Solution connecting growers, retailers & consumers by adding value to quality of produce, efficiency, demand & Supply.
  • Challenge: Blockchain can connect multiple parties involved in chain and smart contracting can add the trust factor required in the supply chain.


  • SunvAI Constitutional Compliance Detection
  • Startup Profile: SunvAI,, is focussed on addressing the current gaps in the country’s legal systems that are mostly driven by manual workflows. By applying AI/ML based techniques for document analytics (protected by 9 patent filings), SunvAI aims to accelerate the legal workflow in a manner that can benefit all the stake holders in the legal system and enable efficient and transparent justice to the citizen, with current focus on consumer issues. SunvAI’s founding team is currently validating use cases for design and development. Having incubated in IIIT Bangalore, SunvAI is seeking active support from IIITB community to solve difficult research problems and develop prototypes that can be further productized for public use in order to create a positive impact to the society.
  • Problem Background: A number of text documents such as contracts, e-mails, blogs, social media posts, etc. are generated at ever-increasing volumes. It is however very difficult to manually check for legality of every document at different levels: personal, organizational or even at a global scale. There is a need for a tool that can verify if any text document is in compliance with the constitution of the country or in violation of it. Such a tool if deployed can help in improving the legal awareness of citizens creating content. This foster ideologically safer society, prevent fraud, extremism and check artificially created misleading social media trends.
  • Challenge: Given a text document, the algorithm should find if it complies with or violates the constitution of India. The challenge consists of two parts:(1) Identify the one or more articles in the Indian constitution that corresponds to the input document. (2) Estimate with a probability if the document complies or violates one or more articles in the constitution. Public validation dataset will be released with ground truth at the start of the competition. A private test dataset will be used for evaluation of entries. After competition, the test dataset and the results will be published. Any machine learning algorithm can be used. The algorithm should be able to generate the result on an input plain text document of up to 10000 words in less than 30 seconds on a free tier AWS t2-micro instance.


  • Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy Landscape
  • Startup Profile: Healthelife,, is focused on and committed to rolling out EHR.Network, a person centric electronic health record platform that can support heterogeneous healthcare use-case solutions.EHR.Network bestows ownership and access control of a person’s Electronic Health Records(EHR) to the person. This enables multi-dimensional health data for a person to be created and accessed anytime, anywhere. Through this we intend to herald a paradigm shift in the Indian healthcare system by empowering every individual to take control of their own health information. HealtheLife envisions that every Indian citizen should have access and control over their health data. This would ensure them to maintain their health and freedom to seek health care support from a provider of choice, while also bringing in transparency in the healthcare industry. In this endeavor, HealtheLife proposes to start with use-cases in healthcare that benefit from individual health data stored electronically. These use-cases will be driven by healthcare process efficiencies from electronic storage, retrieval and decision support.
  • Problem Background: Healthcare provided by Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy in the country can be broadly classified into the following categories. (1) Clinics with one or more Doctors and therapists providing Outpatient (OP) services (2) Lifestyle Wellness Centres that have a team of Doctors and therapist. These Centres provide Inpatient (IP) services and cater to local and overseas customers (3) Hospitals with capacity to treat 10 to 100s of patients, having dedicated departments with Doctors and therapists to address specific health issues. Both OP and IP treatment are provided (4) Medical Colleges with Hospital and Research Centre – Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses with faculty to manage college, hospital and research. Education, Healthcare (OP & IP) and Research are focus areas
  • Challenge: Landscape of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy Healthcares practices in Karnataka. The practises have to be categorized as indicated in the Problem Background above. Further, additional attributes to be collected namely: Organization Name, Location, Founder Name, Year established, Health conditions treated, Number of Doctors, Number of Therapist, Number of Patients treated till date, Therapies offered, Digital Health Information system in use. The data captured should be digitized to gather reports on Number of Clinics; Lifestyle Wellness Centres; Hospitals and Medical Colleges, Diseases to practises mapping, Total number of patients treated in each category (Clinics, Lifestyle Wellness Centres etc.,), Total number of Doctors, Total number of Therapists, Digital Healthcare Information systems versus practice


  • Online Marketplace
  • Startup Profile: We,, are Rural India’s first Multi Utility Online marketplace for all the Brand New Vehicles. NayaGaadi is also a platform for launching Electric Vehicles and Mobility solutions before they reach the offline consumers. Offers Customization needs of the Automobile industry.
  • Problem Background: Indian automobile industry is traditional but not used the ICT effectively to reach out and serve the rural consumers. It still depends on the legacy dealership model. The changing digital landscape of India needs quicker, optimal and hassle free response to customer needs.
  • Challenge: (1) Design an algorithm based Estimation Engine for Customization of Pre defined New Vehicles (2) Develop a smart Bid engine for Group Buying and Bidding of New Vehicles. (3) Develop innovative and cost effective Marketing Strategy for Electric Vehicles / e Mobility Solutions in the emerging Digital India landscape. (4) How to Profile Rural customer credit worthiness for a quicker Vehicle Loan disbursement system using India stack’s Aadhar / UPI. (5) Develop a recommendation engine to profile a most suitable new vehicle based on a defined matrix (6) Identify Vehicle Safety Standards required in the wake of raising EVs and Green mobility solutions. (7) Present a comprehensive report of Technology based Marketplace model is a solution to Rural India New vehicle delivery fulfillment needs. (8) Develop innovative insurance premium models for the Electric Vehicles, In the Indian Economy needs.


  • Measuring User Behaviour and Linking it to Emotions
  • Startup Profile: We,, strive to bring innovating solutions on one of India’s largest issue: Mental health. We are TechInAsia 2016 winner and an IIITB backed start-up.
  • Problem Background: 1 in 5 Indians need help with regard to mental health.
  • Challenge: Detection and mapping of gestures, behaviors on the mobile device and linking to moods / emotions – using MEAN & TensorFlow

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