Setu Bandhan

Mphasis | Pilot | ₹ 12,00,000

Brief :
Real-time Determination and Secure Communication of An Individual’s Health / Immunity / Vaccination Status Towards an Infectious Disease like COVID-19

About Challenge


We are in unprecedented times because of COVID-19 and with no vaccination in place, we are all groping in the dark as to how we can reduce the pace of spread of the deadly infection.

In the absence of knowledge as to who is at risk of spreading and who of getting infected, the governments at various levels (state, country, regional blocks) have imposed travel restrictions and social distancing requirements.

Such draconian restrictions affect the livelihood of citizens and the economy as a whole. Citizens, across different age groups, are un- able to attend to their daily routine – be it schools, work or having fun at parks & restaurants.

Currently, Technology is playing a phenomenal role in reducing the pace of spread of infection – be it in the form of contact tracing app (Arogya Setu), quarantine watch app (Aptha Mitra), door to door health survey (Health Watch App), critical patient tracking (Critical Pa- tient Tracking App), international arrivals (yatri web app), Daily Rail & Air Passenger Arrivals (Seva Sindhu), Corona Watch App among others.

Such Technology offerings help us in saving lives, but there is cur- rently no robust technology offering that helps in bettering the liveli- hood & economy.


Currently, all the test reports relating to an individual citizen are in physical form and in multiple formats. At any entry point – be it state border or in a campus entry, screening a person’s physical docu- ments to verify that person’s identity & health condition is both inse- cure, unreliable and time consuming.

There is no application where such results are digitally created and shared to any 3rd party application (via APIs) which can be accessed securely without violation of the individual’s privacy.

There is no way for us to determine, in real-time and securely, who is at risk of spreading and who of getting infected. Such a determination would involve the following:

  • The Individual’s Identity
  • The Individual’s health conditions and the risks associated
  • The Individual’s environmental conditions and the risks associated

We have an Arogya Setu – but we need a Setu Bandhan, an application that bridges the Arogya details with the individual’s identity, securely.

Framed differently:

determine, in real-time, the health / immunity status (re- lating to an infectious disease like COVID-19) of an individual with authen- ticity and share securely the same to others, without violation of the individ- ual’s privacy?

In other words:

create a data-driven assessment of an individual’s im- munity status that also allows us to share such status securely with the in- dividual’s family members, employers, officials and the world at large.


A solution pilot that can determine the health / immunity status of an indi- vidual in real-time.

The solution needs to:

  • Be able to determine the health / immunity status of an individual (through a combination of health reports of the individual, the risk profile of his / her environment, his / her travel profile) in real-time
  • Share such health / immunity status of an individual with others (family members, officers, government officials, etc.) in a secure fashion, with the explicit approval of that individual citizen
  • Be economically viable at scale across the country

The pilot will be rolled out in a couple of the COVID testing labs across Bangalore. Some disruption at the site will be tolerated for the rollout, but the solution provider will need to demonstrate how the solution could scale to the whole state / country, without compromising operations.


Use Case 1:

On a normal work day, we are expecting an employee of a vendor to visit our work facility for discussion on business deals. We would like to know before hand the risk-profile of that employee so that we can prepare our- selves and put in place appropriate protective measures at our facility that

are commensurate with the risk-profile – even before the employee lands up at our facility.

Use Case 2:

An individual is interested in undertaking a journey using his / her preferred mode of shared transport (bus / metro / car pool / sea / air / train). Prior to allowing entry inside the vehicle, there is a need to assess his / her risk- profile keeping in mind the safety of other travellers.

Challenge Terms


Typically, we offer:

  • 4,00,000 of prize money if the challenge involves building a Proof-of- Concept
  • 8,00,000 if the challenge involves trying out a PoC and building a Pro- totype
  • 12,00,000 if the challenges involves creating a Prototype and rolling out a limited Pilot at customer locations

Given that this challenge involves a “Pilot Rollout”

  • 12,00,000 of prize money for the winner of this challenge (see Award Model below).
  • Access to a ICMR approved test labs (subject to Government clearance) in Karnataka to test a promising solution and demonstrate viability, in col- laboration with IIITB-IMACX
  • A successful solution provider could potentially sell their solution at various health centres, around the world.


The Applicants shall be evaluated in accordance with the evaluation criteria set out below.

  • Solution Fit:
    • To what extent does the proposed solution address the problem statement effectively?
  • Solution Readiness:
    • How ready is the proposed solution to go to the market?
    • Is there any evidence to suggest capacity to scale?
  • Solution Advantage:
    • Is the solution truly innovative?
    • Does it make use of new technologies in the market, and can it po- tentially generate new IP?
  • Company Profile:
    • Does the product have user and revenue traction?
    • Do the team members possess strong scientific/technical back- ground?


30% of the prize money will be awarded to each selected finalist at the start of the POC / Prototype development / Pilot process, with the remainder 70% to be awarded in stages (typically in 3 tranches) during the entire life- cycle of the challenge, based on milestones agreed between IIITB-IMACX and the solver.

Tranche-1: 30%, upon Start of the Challenge Tranche-2: 30%, after meeting Milestone-1 Tranche-3: 30%, after meeting Milestone-2

Tranche-4: 10%, upon completion of all Challenge Objectives

Note that the finalist(s) who is (are) selected to undertake the PoC / Proto- type development / Pilot Rollout will be required to enter into an agreement with IIITB-IMACX. Such an agreement will include more detailed conditions pertaining to the execution of the challenge.


All submissions must be made by 15 May 2020, 2100 hours (IST /GMT

+530). IIITB-IMACX may extend the deadline of the submission at its dis- cretion. Late submissions will not be considered.

The selected finalist(s) will be announced by 15 Jun 2020.

This Project was Awarded to BelYo, on June 2020.

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