Innovation Awards

To qualify for consideration as a nominee for “Innovation Awards”, your innovative product or service must have been launched (at least as a beta / limited trial) and made available to end-users during the previous 2 calendar years (i.e. to be considered for 2019 award, the solution should have been launched between Jan 1, 2017, and Dec 31, 2018). 

Evaluation Criteria: 
(modeled based on Edison Awards)

  • Concept: Opportunity, conception, method, and developmentWe are looking for innovations that not only address a need and solve a problem but also seize an opportunity and create a new market or industry. We are interested in the overall method and development of the concept and opportunity. We would like to understand how discovery, collaboration, iteration, prototyping, etc. contributed to the conception and development of the innovation as it progressed from genesis to design and implementation.
  • Value: Need/desire, differentiation, cost, and advantageGiven that Value is a primary driver for the innovations, we would like to understand how the innovation satisfies an existing need or desire. We are seeking evidence for how the offering is different and whether it has distinct, game changing advantages over any alternatives. We also want to evaluate its unique value proposition, the relationship between its cost and benefits and its economic desirability

Our Previous Award Winners (2014-till date)

  • OStor, Ziroh Labs
  • Stppeify, NewAge Analytics
  • FiboTalk, Rytangle
  • AYUSH-EHR, HealtheLife LLP
  • MorningCart, Morning Star Retail Pvt. Ltd.
  • HappyBeing, NSmiles India Private Ltd.
  • VideoKen, VideoKen LLC

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