An initiative of IIITB & IIITB Innovation Centre, IMACX is an Open Innovation Platform focused on creating a sustainable Innovation & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that works at the intersection of Technology & Society.

IIITB Incubating Social Innovation

Currently at IMACX, we: 

  • Help entrepreneurs & innovators build solutions in specific areas of technology focus for IMACX: IOT / Sensors, Mobile Apps, Analytics / Data Science and Connectivity
  • Cover various aspects of building ventures & solutions: purpose, problem, product development, platform strategy, data science, branding, revenue generation, fund raising & hiring
  • Execute prototype-stage investments in committed people and innovative & impactful firms
  • Conduct Demo Days to showcase Creations to Investors
  • Consult Government / Social organizations on technology deployments
  • Conduct RISE / Civic-Tech Summits & associated workshops
  • Conduct sessions on Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Spirituality, etc.
  • Conduct Hackathons & Competitions that focus on addressing social challenges
  • Invite Social Leaders to share their viewpoints
  • Research on the impact of technology on society

From a technology / business perspective, our focus is on “Cognitive Computing + Platform Economics” – machine learning, natural language processing, speech & image recognition, human-computer interaction (conversational software that interacts with users in a way that is increasingly similar to how humans interact with each other – using text and voice, naturally). Specifially

  • Chatbots, Conversational Interfaces & AI
  • Voice based Conversational Software, Applications & Services
  • Augmented Reality, Computer Vision & Camera-First Applications
  • Video, Live Streaming & Interactive Applications
  • Data Storage, Security & Privacy
  • Real-time Task Management Applications
  • Sensor-First Applications
  • Synthetic Reality / Digital Celebrities
  • Platform Economy

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For further queries, Contact IIITB Office of Research(ORA) : ora@iiitb.ac.in

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